Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Why I Believe In Strong AI

I am a believer in strong AI. There I said it. In this blog I will motivate my believe.

I think that my brain is responsible for all the acts of intelligence that I perform. How it does it, I do not know. But I think that my thoughts, emotions, feelings and decisions originate in my brain.
My brain is, in a sense, nothing but a machine. It has neurons which interact with each other in a certain way. Nothing in this setup is in any way unique, except the specific complexity attained.

I believe that it is possible that a machinery which acts in a similar way will produce similar result. So if there are a lot of agents who can simulate neurons, and if these agents could interconnecting in a similar way as my neurons do, I believe that the same processes will occur as in my brain.

If such a machine were to be build, it would live in a way I could relate to. It would have feelings like I do. it would have a personality like I do. It would be intelligent.
Such a machine would live and it would die if we would pull the plug.

That's is how I think about it.