Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Reasons to Twitter

In this blog I list my reason for starting to twitter.

I have started twittering. Not that anybody noticed, but that is besides the point. Twitter started in 2006 so it took me a long time before I joined the bandwagon. So why join now?

There are various reasons to twitter. Twitter gives protesters in Iran a voice to vent their frustration about the recent elections. They also provide an information stream for journalists which are refused to enter the country. Twitter therefore empowers people who otherwise would not be heard.

I think that the web is still gaining an influential role in the social lives of a lot of people. One of the means to communicate in this on-line network is twitter. Although the value of this communication can be questioned, it is never the less a means to express your self in this network. As such, it can act as a social glue which brings people closer together.

Furthermore reading my tweets is voluntarily. I force nobody to follow my twitter account. (Nor for that matter my blog.) So by reading my tweets your are fulfilling a need. I think this need is the main reason for me to start twittering. People want to read about the trivialities of other peoples life's.

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