Friday, May 21, 2010

Increasing tweet density

In this post I will summaries the various ways in which I will increase the number of tweets over time.

In a previous blog post, I outlined reasons to start using twitter. Although the reasons I stated there are still valid, it does not help you to tweet regularly.

Since I started twittering, the density of my tweets fluctuated. In this blog post I will outline various ways to produce a steadier stream of tweets. It will be a reminder for myself, if I every find myself in calmer tweet weather.

List of regular tweet opportunities:

  • Tweet what you are reading.
  • Tweet what you are pondering
  • Tweet new admissions to your blog
  • Tweet your experiences as a commuter

Although the list isn't very long, it is a start for a steadier twitter stream. Let's find out how it will hold up against time.

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