Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Blogger Stats

In this post I will outline a service Blogger is providing: Stats

I recently switched Blogger dashboard. Instead of the standard Blogger dashboard, I opted for the "Blogger in draft" dashboard. Among other things, this dashboard sports a new button: "Stats".
Behind the Stats button there is a lot of information about the traffic your blog is attracting.

There are four menu's : Overview, Posts, Traffic Source and Audience. Every menu shows information over on of the following periods: Now, Day, Week, Month and All Time. The Overview menu shows an overview of the other three menu's. The post menu shows which posts attracted how many page views.
The Traffic Source menu show referring urls, referring sites and the search keywords which were used to find your posts.
Finally the Audience menu shows a summery of the location from where the request for your blog came and which browser and operating system were used.

So what can this information tell you? Well, for one, do not underestimate the number of page views. Although I have two subscribers to my blog, both of which I know personally, I never thought that my blog would be read.
But contrary to my believe and looking at some of the comments, my posts does get read. Blogger Stats can help you realise that you have an audience.

Furthermore, It gives you a sense of direction. By seeing which post were read the most, you know what your audience likes. For example the top three post in number of page views for this blog are.

  1. Counting Unlock Patterns
  2. Counting Backgammon End Positions
  3. Tethering made easy with easytether

So I presume that writing about my latest experience of playing online backgammon in the train while my laptop was tethered to my android phone, which I had to unlock to set up the connection, would be a show stopper.

But most of all, Blogger Stats is like an addiction. It is hard to resist the urge of checking the stats every now and then, to see how many page views you got for this day.

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