Saturday, August 14, 2010

Spreading Knowledge

In this post I will outline various forms of spreading knowledge.

I signed the manifesto for software craftsmanship and I take my responsibilities serious. Not only should you maintain a high standard for your self, you should help others in becoming software craftsman.
One way in doing this is by spreading knowledge.

There are various ways one can share and spread knowledge. Any form of communication with the intent of explanation is a form of spreading knowledge. Examples of communication forms abound. Let's group these forms according to the number of senders and receivers.

We will distinguish the following numbers: one and many. Below I have created a table listing the various combinations of senders and receivers.

11One-on-one tutoring
1manyPresentation or blog
many1Open outcry or a forum
manymanyOpen discussion

In seeing these summary one can check off a list of participation in various forms of communication. For example I now realise that I do not often participate in a forums.
So I will challenge myself in actively seeking out opportunities to contribute to forums.

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