Saturday, August 14, 2010

Google Library: Organizing your bookshelf

In this blog post I will introduce Google Library.

I recently started to use Google Library as a means to organize my bookshelf. This service of Google can be reached by You will find a link called "My library" which will take you to your library.

The library is subdivided in shelf. There are five standards shelfs: Reviewed, Favorites, Reading now, To read, Have read. Custom shelfs can be added as well.
Every shelf can be made private or public. Public shelfs will be published online so others can see them.

Adding books to shelfs is very easy. Search a book. Every book on the result page has a link "Add to my library". A drop-down menu let's you choose the shelf. Once saved the book will appear in the right shelf in your library.

That wraps up this nice service Google is offering.

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